Over the Summer of 2010, Dr. Jason Surratt and his group participated in CALNEX campaign in Pasadena and Bakersfield, California. The group has been collected 3-hours intensive and 24-hours integrated samples of ambient air at both sites for about 1.5 months. Samples have been analyzed using Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) technique. The group attended CALNEX Data Workshop from May 16 – 20, 2011 at Sacramento, California.


The group had two poster presented by Ying-Hsuan Lin and Caitlin Rubitschun. The first poster by Ying-Hsuan Lin was titled “Off-line UPLC/ESI-HR-Q-TOFMS Analyses of SOA Heterogeneous-Reaction Productsin PM2.5 Collected from the CalNex-Pasadena Ground Site”. As described on the title, Ying-Hsuan Lin collected and analyzed filter samples from Pasadena Ground Site which was located at the rooftop of Caltech building. Caitlin Rubitschun presented results of data analysis of Bakersfield filter sampling.